Organic Farming Trainer and Production Specialist

Job Description : Organic Farming Trainer and Production Specialist

Job Title: Production Specialist

TruTrade Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works for the financial upliftment of small and marginal farmers through increasing production, income and employment.

TruTrade has pioneered many innovations like implementing the transparency and traceability models. TruTrade has also pioneered selling Fruits & Vegetables using “digitized ThalluGaadi” across various IT campuses in Bangalore and soon plans to foray into Chennai and Hyderabad. For more on TruTrade please visit our website at

Organic Farming Trainer and Production Specialist: Most resource persons currently provide training on Organic Farming, they train the farmers and leave. Some will be in touch with the farmers even after the training, to provide any on-farm solutions which may or may-not have any lasting impact on farmers lives, they rarely see the complete end-to-end cycle. TruTrade is looking for highly capable and devoted individuals who ensure that they are adept not just at providing training, but also have a deep understanding of the production practices for fruits & vegetables and ensure that the supply of fruits & vegetables meet the sourcing guidelines. In a nut-shell they are responsible from training to production.


  1. Organising awareness campaigns and spread awareness about the positive aspects of practising organic farming
  2. Organise basic and advanced farmer training programs
  3. Enrolment of farmers with inclination to practice organic farming into TruTrade Group Certification Program
  4. Advise farmers on production methods to control pests and diseases
  5. On-farm visits to ensure production practices being adopted by farmers are inline with TruTrade guidelines
  6. Work with Field Officers and Collection Center supervisors and ensure that fruits & vegetables are graded and sourced according to TruTrade’s specifications
  7. Responds to questions on a variety of organic and sustainable farming related topics via email, social media, phone and other media.
  8. Document and develop on-field package of practices and organic raw material specifications that are easily understandable by Field Officers and Farmers.


  1. M.Sc or Ph.D in Agriculture
  2. Knowledge and experience in the organic agriculture industry, a minimum of 5 years of work-related experience in organic farming, implementing organic standards in farming, livestock, vegetable and fruit agriculture; and organic farm regulations and inspections.
  3. Experience conducting professional presentations to a variety of audiences.
  4. Ability to manage multiple priorities and perform within deadlines
  5. Excellent communication, writing and interpersonal skills in both Kannada and English languages
  6. Computer proficiency: word processing, spreadsheets, internet research, databases
  7. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  8. Good understanding and working knowledge of statistical tools for data analysis like SPSS, SAS, R, MATLAB.
  9. Good knowledge of VLookup, Hlookups, Macros using Microsoft Excel.

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