When we last checked there were 2,11,989 not-for-profit organizations in India !!!

How do we intend to stand out in such a crowded field and more importantly how can we give you (our donor) the confidence that your donations will be well utilized and reach the intended beneficiaries?

Good question !!! Here’s how TruTrade intends to earn your trust and here’s why we think we are different.

  1. Program Management : We assign a program manager for each and every project. The program manager reviews the program stringently against the stated objectives and uses best-in-class practices and provides you with a periodic update against its stated objectives.
  2. Expense ratio : One of our best practices that we practice is to publish our expense ratio to our key stakeholders. Expense ratio is the total percentage of funds used for administrative, management or advertising expenses. The lower the overhead costs, the higher amount goes to targeted beneficiaries. Keeping a tab on the expense ratio is a measure of how the funds are being utilized for the intended beneficiaries.
  3. Audits : We welcome you to appoint your own auditors who can work with our auditors to assess our performance.
  4. 2 way communication : We have a two way communication process, we just don’t see you as a donor, should you wish, we actively engage you in the entire program and provide you with periodic updates on the program. We are open and honest in our communications, when failures do occur, we don’t white wash it, we learn from those mistakes, make corrections and move forward. I am sure you appreciate a partner who is open and honest rather than showing some glossy metrics.
  5. Walk the talk : TruTrade’s CEO works pro-bono. The expenses incurred by our CEO are audited and published on our website. Please check the Governance and Values for the expenses re-imbursed to our CEO.

We still have not integrated our website to collect online payments, hence we request you to drop us an email (care@trutrade.org) with your interest to donate and we will get back to you with details on how you can make donations to us.

All donations made to TruTrade will receive exemptions under section 80G of the IT Act (1961).

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