At TruTrade, our goal is quite clear, we provide market linkages to small and marginal farmers by providing them with premium prices for their produce thereby uplifting their financial status.

Every (or rather most), organizations or individuals would like to be in the news (more so when it is positive news). Good/positive news for an organization can have a multiplier effect, increases brand recall amongst key stakeholders, helps organizations get their message to a wider audience etc…

Positive news in the print, digital media can also be quite heady, and quite a few times can give us the sense of accomplishment. We don’t want to be focused on spending time chasing news in the media, but want to be focused on our goal.

While we are focusing on our goals, we have been fortunate to get quite a few media coverage that has helped us reach to a broader audience. All of these have been voluntary and has supported a great deal by raising our brand value. Some of the key news are listed below:

  1. Vijaya Karnataka, 19 Apr 2017 :
  2. The BetterIndia, 10 Jun 2017 :
  3. Deccan Herald, 24 Oct 2017 :
  4. Eenadu, 3 Dec 2017 :
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