As you must have read in the About TruTrade page, farmers are faced with multitude of problems, it is beyond any one organizations capability to address all the problems. Focussing on all the problems would be akin to boiling the ocean. So we chose 2 of the bigger problems faced by the farmers that of “market linkages” and “fair prices” as our focus areas. Please make no mistake about TruTrade’s focus areas – we exist only to focus on these 2 areas.

Two of our biggest innovations has been in implementing the transparency meter and the traceability meter to ensure that we are not perceived as a broker and provide complete visibility into the supply chain costs.

The implementation of the transparency and traceability meter has endeared us to many a customers on the organizations objectives.

To protect privacy concerns, while we may not be able to divulge our customers names, just to give you an idea of our scale, we have sales operations, in USA, UK, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and aggressively expanding.