60% of what you pay goes into farmers bank accounts.

The pictures of the farmers that you see on top of this page are TruTrade farmers who are practising organic farming. As you must have read in the About TruTrade page, farmers are faced with multitude of problems, it is beyond any single organizations capability to address all the problems. Focussing on all the problems would be akin to boiling the ocean. So we chose 2 of the bigger problems faced by the farmers that of “market linkages” and “fair prices” as our focus areas. Please make no mistake about TruTrade’s focus areas – we exist only to focus on these 2 areas, and, that is what the above farmers expect from TruTrade.

“Market linkages” and “fair prices” are buzz words and can be loosely used by anyone, but how do you as a consumer know that the company that you are currently purchasing from, or how does a farmer know the company that he is selling to is walking the talk. This was a dilemma that TruTrade initially grappled with and we wanted to ensure that we walk the talk and not be seen as yet one more exploitative brokers in the value-chain.

To that end, two of our biggest innovations have been in implementing the transparency meter and the traceability QR code to ensure that we are not perceived as a broker and provide complete visibility into the supply chain costs.

It is TruTrade’s commitment that 60% of the MRP that a consumer pays, directly goes into the bank accounts of the farmers. There are quite a few instances where the logistics costs are higher than 40%, in that case, our commitment is, we will be open about the supply chain costs and make you aware of the costs incurred.

TruTrade’s commitment to the farmer: We will keep pushing the boundaries to ensure that the farmer share of the pie is maximized.

TruTrade’s commitment to the consumer: We will provide you with a genuine “Organic” product which is good for your health and good for the environment, if in doubt, come talk to us, and we will trace you the farmer, so you can talk to the farmer about the organic practices that the farmer is adopting and assure yourself of the genuinety of the product.

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